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Meet the Company Behind CentralBlue

CentralBlue is a lifestyle estate in the heart of BlueDowns, Cape Town. We provide a range of contemporary home types, offering residents a modern and affordable lifestyle. Beyond that, we constantly seek and develop ways to benefit our residents and the larger community, through festivals, supporting local small businesses and much more.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to create living environments that provide a better everyday life for present and future generations from all walks of life.

We make this possible by offering a wide range of innovative, well designed, quality living environments that are affordable to as many people as possible.

Just have a look at what we’ve done for this couple who met and fell in love in the estate!

The CentralBlue Team

We are a tight but ever-growing team, passionate about positively impacting CentralBlue residents and the BlueDowns community.

Meet our Owner Developer

CITRA combines skills, research and development, international investment and sustainable technology to make the CentralBlue vision a reality.
As owner developers of CentralBlue we are in it for the long run. Together with carefully selected partners, we bring cutting-edge technology designed to save costs, improve the quality of the homes and also care for the environment. 

Joint Venture with CentraHub

As part of our continuous efforts to benefit the BlueDown community at large, we have established a joint venture with CentraHub to offer local businesses the help they need to jump-start success. Whether it is workshop, office, retail, storage or parking space, the CentraHub offers it all affordably within a space entrepreneurs can inspire and support eachother.

Our Other Partners

As believers in synergistic value, we partner with specialists to deliver maximum value.

Similan Properties

Assistant development manager and construction project manager. www.similan.co.za

ASA Architectural Design

Architect, available at www.asaarchitects.co.za

inSite Landscape Architects

Landscape architect. www.insitegroup.co.za

WeTrade Property

Our partnered sales agents. www.wetradeproperty.co.za/

Citra Construction

Our main building contractors. www.citra.co.za

Element Consulting Engineers

The development's engineers. www.eceng.co.za

Power Group

Our building contractors and main civils contractors. www.powergrp.co.za

LMV Urban and Regional Planners

Town planners.

Albert Geiger

Land surveyor, available at albert@geigergeo.co.za.

Doug Jeffery

Environmental engineer. www.dougjeff.co.za

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