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Ochre Place is a unique drawcard within CentralBlue. It boasts ecologically friendly CITRA eHomes, which makes Ochre Place the ideal space for anyone who wants to consider their impact on the environment.

The flexible design of the cutting-edge CITRA eHomes makes it easy to create a space that grows with your family. Owners can choose from three pre-designed options and excellent green credentials.

Ochre Place is a neighbourhood of freedom and innovation. You’ll be able to choose security features such as burglar bars and security gates for your home, perfectly suited to your needs. Streetscape CCTV cameras will provide the peace of mind needed for secure family living while making for a good investment for you and your family.

CITRA uses the latest technology to make the CITRA eHomes fast to build and super cost-effective.

CITRA eHomes can be built up to 25% faster. The walls are constructed using interlocking closed-cell panels that don’t need the formwork or curing times of more conventional building methods. 

CITRA eHomes are cheaper to build and run. The homes have a saving of up to 25% on running costs. 

CITRA eHomes save up to 55% of energy over their life cycle. This isn’t only good news for you as the owner, but also for the environment.

CITRA eHomes avoid up to 40% of carbon emissions over their life cycle and can be almost completely recycled. This means that they are truly environmentally friendly homes.

CITRA eHomes are stronger and safer. The seamless shell and design make them resistant to wind and earthquakes. Also, the CITRA system has a fire-rating of one hour, which is double the required fire-rating from the building code. 

Planned construction start is late 2019, with the first townhouses and CITRA eHomes ready for occupation from early to mid-2020.



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