FAQs – Home Types

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What types of homes do you offer?

Is there a communal laundry area for the apartments?

Yes, there will be enough washing machines for all residents.

Is there shaded parking for the apartments, and how many parking bays are there for each apartment?

There are no shaded parking bays, but:

There is 1 parking bay allocated per unit. There is also parking for visitors inside and outside the estate.

What is an eHome?

An eco-friendly eHome is built using alternative building technology developed by CITRA construction.

You save up to 25% on utility costs.
You save up to 70% on heating and cooling expenses.
It is a high quality structure: strong and safe.

Does an eHome have electricity?

Yes, just as any conventional home, an eHome is connected to the grid, but also has solar water heating.

Do I still buy electricity even though there are solar panels?

Yes. Although each unit will have a solar geyser or heat pump which will heat up your water, you will still be required to buy electricity to power the rest of your home.