FAQs – The Development

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When will the shops be built?

The shops are in the planning stages. We currently anticipate this will be in 2022 but it is dependent on the economy of the country.

Is Curro only for CentralBlue owners? When is it opening?

Curro will be open to the general public. It is expected to start construction once there are more homes built in CentralBlue. It is currently estimated that Curro will open around 2023/2024.

What sort of security is there?

Dedicated developments in CentralBlue will be gated. The public roads within CentralBlue are monitored by 24-hour CCTV and roaming security guards. Burglar bars and security gates are offered as optional extras on the units.

Are there fibre internet and DSTV connections?

Provision will be made for a DSTV access point in the home. Installation of Fibre network is being investigated by CITRA Development.

Can I have pets?

This depends on the type of home you live in. There is a restriction on the number and size of pets in certain unit types and is subject to consent from the Home Owners Association.