From the desk of the developer 2023-Q2

As we reach the halfway point of the year, we have made significant progress that we are pleased to share with you.

Indigo Heights - Apartments

We have already started welcoming clients of this phase to CentralBlue and the remaining clients can expect to hear from their agents shortly with regard to their handover dates.


There have been delays experienced at the council in issuing the remainder of the occupation certificates due to the migration of the City of Cape Town’s DAMS system. We expect the remainder of the occupational certificates to be finalised by the end of the month. The developer would like to apologise for the delay.


Congratulations to all the future homeowners of this phase.

Emerald Village - Freestanding Homes

Building plans for most of the units have been approved and received. The contractor has commenced construction and will provide an updated program of the estimated completion dates for the units.

Please note that the estimated dates are provisional and may change due to circumstances beyond the control of the developer and contractor.

Thank you again to the future homeowners of Emerald Village for your patience.

Freestanding unit construction

On Tucker

This development was launched to the public in May 2023. We are very excited to present this new townhouse product to the market. Please spread the word to anyone you know who may be looking for a new home in a secure cluster type development.

Cheryl, Wendy and Suga Funk at On Tucker Launch
Development Manager talking to a client

CentralBlue Family Festival 2023

Last year’s festival was a great success. Thank you for your support. This year we are coming back bigger and better. Presenting your favourite artists and a fantastic atmosphere for you and your family and friends to enjoy. 

Please head over to our social media pages and let us know who you would like to see on stage this year. Your suggestions will be considered when we are putting together the festival. 

Enjoy 3 months of free WI-FI if you sign up now!

Blue Bunny is offering CentralBlue residents WI-FI at competitive prices and if you sign up now, you get three months free. This promotion is running for a limited amount of time, hurry up and don’t miss out.

We will continue to work hard to ensure that your homes are completed as soon as possible. 

For an update on your specific unit, please get in touch with your agent who will be able to advise.

We look forward to welcoming more residents in CentralBlue.

Citra Development Team

On Tucker Launch

On Tucker, Blue Downs, Cape Town development, Citra Development

On May 27, 2023, we launched On Tucker a new development offering an affordable, convenient, and secure lifestyle. On Tucker is a collection of thoughtfully designed, quality homes available in a choice of 2 or 3 bedrooms. When completed, On Tucker will consist of duplex townhouses and simplex apartments, making it the ideal choice for young professionals, start-up families, or downscaling couples looking for easy living in a secure environment.  

The launch took place at CentralBlue in Blue Downs, where some of our guests got the opportunity to see the entire estate and the progress of the new apartments.

At the launch, our guests received a warm welcome from Cheryl Hillman, Developer Director at Citra. We had HeartFM covering the event, We Trade Property Agents, who made sure that potential customers were assisted, Nedbank was also onsite assisting buyers and approving those who qualified to buy, and members of the council were also there as they will also be a part of this exciting project.

As we commence the sale of units in On Tucker, it was important that we invite the public and other stakeholders to come and experience the vision of this development. This launch also offered potential buyers the opportunity to get pre-approved and get professional advice from the property experts that were part of the launch.

Leading up to the launch, CentralBlue Development Manager, Lyndon Van Rooyen, and Trinidad Moran-Fajardo, Head of PR and Marketing at CentralBlue, had an interview with Heart FM talking about the On Tucker launch. If you missed it, you can listen to the interview here.

Take a look at the available units and reserve your On Tucker Duplex to benefit from the launch prices:

Busting Property Buying Myths

So you want to buy a house? That’s great! Buying a property can be one of the most satisfying things in life, but it can also be one of the most daunting. I’m sure you’ve heard a bunch of different myths about buying property, and maybe even had some reservations yourself. The truth is that there are plenty of ways to get your first home without breaking the bank or making big sacrifices. Whether you are looking for a cosy new apartment for just yourself or a stand alone home for you and your family, in this blog post we are going to help you bust some common myths and hopefully clear some things up and ease your mind regarding this exciting decision. 

The short answer you can buy a house at any age.

Many people may believe that once you have spent all your youth working hard to make your dreams a reality, you may be too late to buy your dream house. 

If you are a first home buyer and want to get into the market, it may be more difficult to secure a home loan if you are older than 65 years old, however, it is never too late to buy your first property. Even if your golden years are on the horizon and you don’t have a place to call your own home, you are not necessarily doomed. 

According to the Head of product at Absa Home Loans, the average age of the first-time buyer in South Africa is 34 to 35 years but the decision to buy a home depends on an individual’s needs and what they can afford at a particular stage in their life. 

Though it may be harder to be granted a bond after the age of 65, there is still an opportunity to lend to customers who are over 50. Ideally, a bank would want to ensure a client is not older than 75 when the bond is paid up. Retirement income and the ability to shorten the loan term would have to be considered before granting the loan. 

If you qualify and have the means to pay your home loan in time, you can buy a new house at almost any age.

The decision to get a stand alone house or an apartment on the lifestyle you want to lead, it’s all about what you want. A house with a yard is always better for kids and pets, but if you’re living in an apartment and don’t have kids or pets (or plan on getting them) then this isn’t such a big deal.


Some people may believe that buying a stand alone house with a yard with the possibility to expand is always better than buying an apartment or a duplex. This is not always the case because the age and stage of life at which a person decides to buy a home will dictate the type of home they choose. A house with a yard may come at a higher cost but a buyer aged about 35 may look to buy with a future family in mind and, therefore, want a home that can be expanded and is close to good schools and parks. Another person may want a cosy and affordable 2 bedroom apartment that offers less maintenance, more convenience and security that offers them a lock up and go lifestyle. 


Purchasing an apartment can also be a way of investing. Renting out a property can be a good way to bring in a regular income. The surge of new developments taking place throughout Cape Town and Johannesburg hint toward a bright future. “If you can find the right property and the right home loan, it is possible to make a rental yield of as much as 5 to 10%, depending on where you’re based,” says Rhys Dyer, CEO of ooba Home Loans, South Africa’s largest home loan comparison service. 


So, if you’re in the market for a new place, consider all of these things before making a final decision. If you need help finding an apartment or home that’s right for you, then give us a call today! We’ll be happy to help find what works best for your needs.

According to the DebtBusters’ Q4 2022 Debt Index South African consumers are evidently under increasingly high levels of financial pressure meaning South Africans can buy 33% less with the money in their wallets now compared to six years ago.

According to the CEO of Debt Rescue Neil Roets, their latest survey results show that 40% of consumers say they have too much debt to cope with, and results show that 40% have impaired credit records. 


The above may be true for many South African consumers but its not all doom and gloom, you can take charge of your finances and still make your home-owning dreams come true. If you are buying your first home, chances are you need a home loan. Having the right credit score is your first step toward securing the funds you need. A score of 610+ usually gives you a fair chance of home loan approval. 


If you have checked your credit score and realise it’s too low to qualify for the best possible loan, there are some things you can do to boost it. 


  • Set reminders to pay the debt on time, every time. Or schedule any payments as debit orders if you can to make sure that they are paid on time.
  • Pay off outstanding credit card balances in full each month. If you’ve built up unpaid debt on various credit cards, pay those off in full and close the cards so that you do not repeat 
  • the cycle.
  • Don’t take on more debt than you can reasonably handle.
  • If you have too much debt, consider debt consolidation.
  • Try to avoid revolving debt, as it has high-interest rates and is more difficult to pay off.
  • Make sure to check your credit score regularly and check that everything is correct.

In cases where you would like to buy a new apartment but need some time to bust your credit you can also explore the Rent-to-buy option. 


If you are keen on buying a home in CentralBlue and need some expect advice our Agents are willing to assist and provide guidance to boost your credit score. 

The majority of purchasers in today’s market are aware that location is important, but not everyone is aware of the factors that determine whether a place is a good location or not or how this affects purchasing decisions. 


Schools are the one characteristic that has the biggest influence on property purchase decisions. Whether or not you have children, schools should factor into your decision-making process because they have such a significant impact on the prospective increase in value of the homes in the neighborhood. If there are good schools nearby then this increases demand for properties in those areas which drives up prices, if you are considering selling your home in the future being in a good school distric makes the property more attractive to buyers looking for somewhere safe for their family. 

South Africa is a diverse country and some of the population is made up of expats. Some expats may be visiting on a short-term basis to taste the South African culture or for work purposes, and some may be very keen on staying long-term and placing their roots here or are completely immigrating.  


Immigrants may be under the impression that they can’t buy property especially before they become citizens. In South Africa Foreigners are free to buy property without restrictions, subject to meeting the visa requirements to live and work in the country.


Nonresidents must transfer 50% of the purchase price or the balance of the purchase price via the Reserve Bank, from their own foreign bank to a designated account with a registered South African bank. 


When purchasing property as a foreigner, it is important to partner with a team of experts you can trust to assist you settle in the country. Our team is well experienced in assisting foreign nationals purchase property in South Africa, contact our knowledgeable agents for more information.

If you’re thinking about buying a property, it’s important to know what the process entails and what you can expect. While there are many myths about buying property, we hope this article has helped debunk some of them for you!

From the desk of the developer 2023-Q1

CentralBlue continues to grow and it’s wonderful to see how the development is taking shape. Here is a brief overview of our progress in the last quarter.

Emerald Place - Townhouses Thomas Tucker

We have completed this phase and are in the process of handing over the homes to their new owners. Below is one happy new resident at the townhouses.

Indigo Heights - Apartments

Construction of our apartments is well underway and progressing nicely. Subject to external stakeholders not causing delays (council, Eskom), we anticipate the first units will be ready for inspection by the building inspector in December 2022 and ready for occupation in early 2023.

Installation of the roads and services (sewer, electrical) is underway at Emerald Village. Construction of the units will begin after sign-off of the infrastructure from council (estimated Q4, 2022). The first units should be complete early 2023 and provisional completion dates will be provided once we have a definite program from the contractor. 

Emerald Village - Freestanding Homes

Ochre Place - eHomes Phase 2

We’re in the process of building the second phase of our popular eHomes. Despite winter weather conditions, operations have progressed nicely, the brickwork is complete and plastering is underway. The handover dates for this phase will be confirmed at the end of October 2022.

Internet access for residents

We have partnered with Bunny Digital, who will offer a variety of internet packages to our homeowners, with a quick and easy three-step sign-up process.

You can view the packages available for CentralBlue residents at this link: Internet for CentralBlue.

Internet will be available in the following order of rollout:
  1. Ochre Place (Phase 2.1)
  2. Emerald Place 1 (Phase 11& 13)
  3. Emerald Place 2 (Phase 3)
  4. OchrePlace (Phase 2.2)
  5. Indigo Heights 1

Retail Centre

The planning and tenanting of the retail centre is underway. If all goes well we expect to start servicing this site in Q4 2022. The anticipated opening date of the centre will be in early 2024. 


The tenanting of the CentraHub small business centre is underway. We are planning a formal launch of the centre to the public in October 2022. Keep an eye on social media for further information.

Borehole water for your garden

CentralBlue has a focus on sustainability and one of our recent environmental initiatives is the provision of borehole water for irrigation of the common landscaped areas.

This is a great initiative as it provides water at no charge and protects from drought conditions which can have a devastating effect on a garden that has been tended and looked after for several years.

Our eHome and townhouse residents may access this resource for watering their front gardens, if needed. Please note borehole water is not safe for drinking.

security cameras at CentralBlue 2

Focus on security continues

We are happy to announce that new security cameras are operational behind Ochre and Emerald Place, as an additional layer of security for our residents. 

Social Initiative: Mandela Day

For our Mandela day initiative this year, we chose the Ubuntu Circle of Courage. This is an NPO that provides shelter for people in need in the Blue Downs area. The CITRA team got “hands-on” handing out blankets and planting vegetable gardens. We also facilitated much needed  repairs  to their leaking roof.

We continue working with ongoing commitment to ensure that your homes are completed as soon as possible. 

For an update on your specific unit, please get in touch with your agent who will be able to advise.


Looking forward to welcoming our residents in CentralBlue.


CITRA Development Team


From the Desk of the Developer – 2023 Q1

We started 2023 at full steam and we have some great news to share. 


Indigo Heights – Apartments

The first block of apartments is scheduled to be completed in March 2023 and another two blocks will be ready at the end of April. We are thrilled to welcome the first residents to Indigo Heights 1.

The sales agents will be in contact closer to the time to confirm handover dates.

Ochre Place – eHomes Phase 2

Delays in delivery of the PV panels due to the high demand currently experienced in the country have affected the handover dates of some of the units. We are pleased to announce that we have now received PV panels and the council has signed off on 11 units. The remaining 12 are scheduled to be signed off in early March. 2023.

We have already started welcoming clients of this phase to CentralBlue and the remaining clients can expect to hear from their agents shortly.

Congratulations to all the future homeowners of this phase.

Emerald Village – Freestanding

As mentioned in the previous newsletter, we experienced delays in the servicing of the site due to the previous contractor being liquidated. The installation of the services is finally coming to an end and the site had been handed over to the top structure contractor. Construction of the first units has begun with the first foundations to be cast in March 2023.

Please note that the construction of units is sequenced and no units will begin construction at the same time. The construction roll-out has been programmed according to building plan approval, the contractors preferred sequence of the works and the current site conditions.

Thank you again to the future homeowners of Emerald Village for your patience.

Family Festival Returns

Thanks again to those of you who attended the CentralBlue Family Festival on the 17th of Dec 2022. Since it was such a success we have decided we will be repeating this event every year and we would love to have your feedback in order to make the next one even more memorable!

Please follow this link to provide us with your feedback. It will just take just a minute: Give my opinion

What Lies Ahead for 2023

The heart of the neighbourhood keeps growing and we have exciting projects planned for this year.

Here’s a sneak peek below of what’s coming in 2023:

  • Emerald Village 2 – 72 Freestanding units built with Citra alternative technology
  • Emerald Place 3 – 27 Row House Units built with Citra alternative technologyIndigo
  • Heights 2 – Secure complex consisting of 54 duplexes and 54 apartment units
  • Indigo Heights 3 – Secure complex of 132 Rental apartments
  • Shopping Centre – construction to start of approx. 6000m2 of retail space opening in 2025.