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Christmas in July R1000 Giveaway

From the Developer's Desk

Discover your buying power and get an R100 Shopping Voucher and stand the chance to win an R1,000 Mr Price Home Voucher

Christmas in July

Are you looking for a new home and don’t know how much can you afford? We make it easy, quick and, also, we prize you for checking with R100.

What to do? Follow these steps:

  1. Visit our show house during July.
  2. Obtain a free bond pre-approval.
  3. Discover your buying power based on the bond pre-approval by receiving your personalised bond pledge indication of the amount you qualify for.
  4. And tada! You will receive R100 Shopping Voucher Giveaway

This will automatically enter you into a competition to get an extra R1,000 Mr Price Home Voucher to help you kick-start the decor of your house.

Christmas in July


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